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Are you a corporate looking for business driven and effective ways to bring your intellectual asset management to the next level?

Or are you a law firm looking for ways to boost your IP collaboration with your clients?



Greip™ is a visionary software solution providing modern tools for collaborating around IP and for innovating, protecting, managing and utilizing intellectual assets.

There are two Greip™ products available, Greip™ Complete for corporations and Greip™ eService for law firms. Greip™ Complete provides for corporations a comprehensive Intellectual Asset Management software solution covering the entire IP lifecycle. Greip™ eService, for one, is a modern collaboration platform for IP law firms and their clients.

Greip™ is developed by Berggren, an international full-service IP house located in Finland and US. As a service provider we are more than IP software solution provider - we are also IP law firm and IP consultant firm that speaks the same IP language with the clients. Many of our experts have also worked in the industry before and therefore have a great understanding of clients´ needs.


Our mission is to make Intellectual assets visible and intelligible to support the growth and competitiveness of your business!