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Greip™ Complete – Comprehensive web-based service for boosting your Intellectual Asset Management


Greip™ Complete is a visionary software for managing your intellectual assets over the entire life cycle. Greip™ Complete provides effective and business-oriented tools for innovating, protecting, managing and utilizing your intellectual assets. 

Greip™ Complete is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world as it is a SaaS service, and you can access the service with native mobile apps as well. You can centralize your entire intellectual asset portfolio into Greip independent of the IP agency. Thus Greip™ also provides a secure platform for co-operating with your external IP partners.

With Greip™ you can give an easy access for your internal stake-holders to provide then visibility to the desired IP information.

Greip™ servers and databases are located at our partner´s Equinix data center in Helsinki, Finland with high data security complying with ISO standards. 

The following Greip tools you can take into use either alone or together as they all link into each other seamlessly.


With Greip you lead your innovation and business with the IAM “dream team” built by you yourself!


Engaging tool for processing your ideas, inventions and brands

Greip™ Innovation Management provides solutions for managing the front-end of corporate´s innovation process. The Greip™ Innovation Management Tool facilitates identifying, collecting and evaluating of ideas, inventions, brands and designs that are important for the business to protect and to utilize. The easy-to-use tool engages your corporate´s inventors, business representatives and decision makers by giving them better co-creation possibilities. Adjustable transparency that the tool provides increases employees´ motivation to innovate and thus improves corporate´s image as an innovator. 


Comprehensive tool for protecting your innovations and managing your IP

Once you start to protect your corporate´s innovations, Greip™ IP Management is a comprehensive and professional tool for boosting your IP organisation´s daily routines.  Greip™ IP Management tool provides modern solutions for filing, prosecuting and managing your intellectual property rights. With the tool you connect your IP portfolio seamlessly to your business and thus utilize it more systematically. Illustrative measuring and graphical reporting possibilities optimize the utilization of business-oriented IP information for the whole company.


Simple-to-setup tool for utilizing your innovations and managing your contracts

Innovative corporates utilize their intellectual assets and actively manage their contracts. Greip™ Contract Management Tool facilitates drafting contracts, following contract terms and deadlines and tracking the development of ROI of your intellectual assets. This simple-to-set up and easy-to-use tool ensures that your contracts are in active use and helps you achieve your corporate´s business goals. Greip™ Contract Management Tool is an affordable solution to give access to all the relevant parties to participate in the contract management process.




Greip™ Complete is scalable based on the size of the corporate´s organisation and Intellectual asset portfolio. There are three different service levels available and customer can select the amount and coverage of the tools needed. With Greip™ Complete you can boost your IAM to the desired level that enables the success of your business.

Read more about the Greip™ Complete Service Levels here.


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Jatta Toro

Greip™ Complete has made the innovation projects at our university easy to instruct, systematic to follow and straightforward to facilitate.

-University of Oulu

Picture of University of Oulu

With Greip™ our contracts are now a well-organized and effectively manageable asset to our company. The software solution connects contract management closely to our business.


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