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Greip™ Complete boosts your business driven IAM by



 Enabling you to connect your Intellectual Assets to your business

Customizability of Greip™ enables collecting and analyzing just that business and technology data related to your intellectual assets that is especially relevant for your purposes. Greip™ gives you the possibility to categorize your portfolio based on your business units, adjusting visibility levels based on the business units and directing relevant information for correct focus groups.

 Helping you to depict and examine your portfolio

Graphical reporting features of Greip™ visualize IP into a concrete, easily approachable form. Take a look at the big picture or retrieve precise details – country-specific data, investment costs or information on particular activities. 

 Providing tools for utilizing your intellectual assets commercially

Greip™ Portfolios and Greip™ IP landscape are tools that help in perceiving the full potential of your IP portfolio.

Greip™ Portfolios can be used to organize the IP portfolio into smaller entities for more detailed analysis. One case can belong to several portfolios and the portfolios can be shared with the relevant stakeholders.  

With Greip™ IP landscape, one can visualize in a fourfold table, which of the cases are more valuable than the others and what to do for the cases in the future.

 Increasing the sharing of IP knowledge within your company

The most valuable IP information is generated by the interaction between different parties. In Greip™ Workspace it is possible to access such information and to analyze it so that it becomes a seamless part of intellectual asset management.

You are able to decide the parties included in the IAM process and the level of access rights. With Greip you lead your innovation and business with the IAM “dream team” built by you yourself!

 Optimizing co-operation with your partners

Whether your partners are internal stakeholders or external IP agencies, Greip™ provides a uniform and easy-to-use platform for communicating and accessing IP related information.

For internal stakeholders there is a single sign on (SSO) login available and a possibility to personalize the client interface to activate and alleviate the use of the service.

IP agencies can directly report to the customer just as simply as sending an email. Easy to use reporting interface helps in keeping data up-to-date, improves data quality and minimizes administrative work.


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Jatta Toro

Greip™ Complete has made the innovation projects at our university easy to instruct, systematic to follow and straightforward to facilitate.

-University of Oulu

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With Greip™ our contracts are now a well-organized and effectively manageable asset to our company. The software solution connects contract management closely to our business.


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