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WHY GREIP™ eService

Greip™ eService boosts your IP collaboration by


 Increasing transparency

Your clients get better hold of their IP portfolio - data is available in oneplace 24/7 all over the world

 Providing more than extranet

Greip eService provides client oriented functionalities for filing, prosecuting and managing client IP more systematically

 Improving efficiency

Integration possibility removes the need for manual reporting, which gives to the client quicker access to data with better quality

 Providing Interactive collaboration

Communication with relevant parties via the easy-to-use platform is more secure and interactive than email and easily accessible regardless of organizational changes

 Increasing value of partnership

You can offer your IP services proactively to your clients as you can better anticipate their needs based on their portfolio status


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Jatta Toro

Greip™ Complete has made the innovation projects at our university easy to instruct, systematic to follow and straightforward to facilitate.

-University of Oulu

Picture of University of Oulu

With Greip™ our contracts are now a well-organized and effectively manageable asset to our company. The software solution connects contract management closely to our business.


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